A Charleston Accent

A Charleston Accent


Thank you for stopping by A Charleston Accent!  People say that if you do what you love, you'll never work a day in your life.  I love cooking and having fun.  I also love to write.  I've been told I write like I speak, and that I should 'do something with that talent.'  But seeing as I spend most of my free time cooking or enjoying the great Lowcountry around me, those are pretty much the only things I know to write about.  So here you will find the musings and adventures (sometimes misadventures) of a girl in the Lowcountry.  I invite you to come along!




My name is Anne.  I was born and raised in South Carolina's Lowcountry, and am one of the dwindling breed who are truly local here.  My childhood is what first inspired me to start cooking and exploring the Lowcountry.  I have huge family on both sides, and when we gather, we EAT.  My dad's side of the family made South Carolina their home before it was a state.  I cling to the tradition of good ol' Southern Cooking from this side of the family, and I cherish the fact that I have recorded recipes dating back 4 generations, and verbal recipes dating back even longer.  My mom's side of my family brings out the other part of Charleston that I love -- the eclectic mix of Southern and 'somewhere else.'  The city has historically been a melting pot of varying creeds and nationalities, so I love that my grandmother spent her life in Belgium and France before moving here, where she met my grandfather.  To this day she speaks mostly French to her children and to me, and cooking takes on an entirely different learning curve when you learn by sight, sound, touch, smell and taste rather than getting the recipe literally lost in translation.  With both sides of the family living less than 20 minutes away, I am lucky to still continue learning from the pros.

I married my college sweetheart, also a true local, who I fondly call Scottery.  He is my best friend and we do pretty much everything as a team, so you will see him often!  We live in the house I grew up in -- the only house I've ever really known -- and have settled into a life of food and fun with our two German Border Huskies and our Himalayan cat.  (all adopted, I am a big supporter of that!).  We work full time, so we make the most of free time when we can!  We love to travel, and don't get to often enough.  One of our lifelong goals is to travel to all 50 states (not just a layover or rest stop pee break...actually stay and experience the culture).  But when life gets busy and jet-setting is not in the cards, we're lucky enough that our own Lowcountry backyard can be a vacation itself.  Come along for the ride!